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The Legend of Wiley E. Waters

In 1994, Kyle Brock decided to make a living at something he truly loved to do. After finishing his education degree, and teaching for Central Valley School. Kyle found it difficult to sit still during the summer months. After he had rafting the Snake River several times, he couldn’t seem to shake the thrill of Whitewater. This is when Kyle Brock set out to start Wiley E. Waters’ Whitewater Rafting. Why the name everyone asks? Kyle was given this nickname “Wiley E.” from his softball team because of his deceptiveness on the base paths. So began the “Legend of Wiley”. Wiley E. Waters’ expanded steadily to a fleet of 12 rafts, 100 pfd’s and 100 paddles. His legacy lasted 20 years, creating lifelong friendships and exhilarating partnerships every step of the way. But the legend had to retire eventually. So that’s where I (Josh Flanagan) come in. After graduating from Eastern Washington University with a B.A. in Outdoor Recreation Management and working for Wiley for multiple years, Kyle sat me down and said he would like to offer me the opportunity to purchase Wiley E. Waters. Overwhelmed with the honor, I very happily accepted his offer. My love for the outdoors and water have been engrained with me since I can remember. So when originally introduced to whitewater, it became my addiction. Now I get to live each day on the river and Kyle Brock aka “Wiley” is rarely not seen on the river during retirement, bummer deal!! The river is something that brought us both very close together even after all these years. I feel this is why Wiley and I were able to make such a great bond. We both find it very important that this isn’t just a business, but an experience. We have the pleasure of sharing many memories with a ton of great people. Every person that joins us, is just that, a person! With each individual, we want to ensure your needs are met, because this is your adventure. We can’t wait to share these experiences with you!!

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