About Us

The Legend Of Wiley E. Waters

In 1994, Kyle Brock decided to make a living at something he loved to do. WHITEWATER RAFTING! Having rafted the Snake River several times, he couldn’t seem to shake the thrill of Whitewater. At this point in his life, Kyle was teaching for the Central Valley School District but found it challenging to sit still during his summers off. And this is when he set out to start Wiley E. Waters’ Whitewater Rafting. Why the name, everyone asks? Kyle received the nickname “Wiley” from his minor league baseball team because of his deceptiveness on the base paths. This nickname stuck with him, so began the “Legend of Wiley.”

Wiley E. Waters’ has since expanded to a fleet of 21 rafts, 150 PFD’s and 150 paddles. His legacy lasted 20 years, creating lifelong friendships /partnerships along the way. But the legend had to retire at some point, right? So that’s where I (Josh Flanagan) come in. While attending EWU, I started interning for Wiley E. Waters. Kyle quickly trusted me to run the Spokane location river trips, allowing himself to focus solely on his rafting trips near Missoula. After graduating from Eastern Washington University with a B.A. in Outdoor Recreation Management, Kyle offered me the opportunity to purchase Wiley E. Waters. Overwhelmed with the honor, I very happily accepted.

My love for the outdoors and water have been engrained in me since I can remember. So when initially introduced to Whitewater, it became my addiction. Now I get to live much of my time on the river, while Kyle Brock, aka Wiley, is rarely not seen on the river during retirement himself. The river brought us both very close together even after all these years. I feel this is why Wiley and I created such a great bond. We both find it very important that this isn’t just a business but an experience. We have the pleasure of sharing many memories with a ton of great people. Every person that joins us is just that, a person! We want to ensure each individual’s needs are met because this is your adventure too! We hope to get you out on either the Clark Fork or Spokane River and share the experience we love so much with you!

Our Team

Josh Flanagan | Owner
13 Years

with Mia Flanagan (left) Owner In Training.

Captain Morgan
8 Years

 Professional Dirtbag with a BA in Outdoor Recreation from EWU.

Aaron "Wonderboy"
7 Years

The man who lives in a van and plays on the River. Never a dull raft ride with this outdoorsman!

Nolan "Swimming Bear"
6 Years

This guide is the merge between man and nature. Always open for a wild and exciting day!

Nathan "River Ratatouille"
7 Years

Reads the river like a poem. Some say he sees the river through multiple sets of eyes!

Jesse _Jazzman_
Jesse "Jazzman"
9 Years

Whitewater & Outdoor Enthusiast by day and professional music maker by night!

Nora "Chuck Nora"
6 Years

Stable, solid, and strong like a Redwood. This well versed outdoor guide will keep you at ease, but won’t let you get too comfortable!

Dane "River Fabio"
5 Years

They don’t make em’ like this anymore! Keep the ladies at home!

7 Years

No profile needed, just check out that Mustache.

Sam "Sassy Sammy"
4 Years

Great time on the river and the Wiley crew’s beautician too. Haircuts cost extra.

Lindsey _Peaches_
Lindsey "Peaches"
4 Years

Bruises like a peach, but is as tough as nails! Guiding has been past down in her blood. Wiley E. Waters Superior Mt, Rodeo team MVP in 2019!

Liz "Wave Whisperer"
4 Years

Has guided from Montana to Africa. Fun, confident and a little touch of crazy makes her a unforgettable guide!

Empower Your Team

Our Whitewater and scenic tours are the perfect team-building experiences for large and small business/corporate groups. Whether you’re staying in Spokane, Couer d’Alene, or Missoula, we can make your next business or large gathering a success. Group sizes can range from 5 to 100+. Give us a call or send an email, and we’d be happy to organize the perfect outing for you.

Take An Adventure

Let Wiley E. Waters spoil you from start to finish. We offer whitewater and scenic rafting trips on the Spokane and Clark Fork Rivers. If you are visiting the Spokane or Coeur D’ Alene area and looking for outdoor things to do, our Spokane trip may be a good option for you. We are conveniently located only minutes from downtown Spokane (30 min from CDA Idaho). Or, if you are visiting Montana and searching for the best things to do near the area, our Clark Fork River trip begins only 45 minutes from Missoula. Both half and full-day options are available on these Alberton Gorge tours.


Your guide will navigate you through 2 Class III rapids “Bowl & Pitcher” and “Devils Toenail” while rafting through the iconic Riverside State Park.

Clark Fork

Breathtaking geography and wildlife. Great swimming holes, rock jumping and even a hot spring towards the end of the trip!