Team Building Trips

Participants WILL BE:

  • Outfitting paddle rafts for easy to moderate whitewater river use.

  • Familiar with the leadership techniques including river signals, paddle commands, communication with paddlers, raft order, raft spacing, safety briefing, balancing the raft for weight and power.

  • Able to recognize water features (hydraulics) including eddies, holes, strainers, sleepers, roller bank waves etc.

  • Familiar with techniques for scouting a rapid.

  • Able to identify a route through moderate whitewater rivers.

  • Familiar with basic guide paddling maneuvers.

  • Familiar with essential rescue procedures in a emergency situation such as; wrapping a raft, flipping a raft, foot entrapment, proper use of rescue throw ropes and downstream swimmers position.

What better way to strengthen a team than placing them all in a boat together for a group adventure! The shared experience of the team members (whether corporate teams, sports teams, boy/girl scout teams, or any other group), won’t just be a fun way to spend an afternoon, but the focus on team-building on these particular trips will help make a stronger team once they get off the boat.

This whitewater course will focus on developing leadership and river skills through hands-on whitewater rafting experience.

Call for pricing and details.

Goodale Group